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In creation of a community-driven project that addresses food scarcity, public health, and community representation within the city of Philadelphia, Phil A. Delphia: A Symbol of Community (with Cake!) was conceptualized.


In hypothetical partnership with the Mutter Museum and Laurel Hill Cemetery, a 15 foot skeleton (named Phil A. Delphia) made of various types of desserts will be baked in 7 neighborhoods of Philadelphia, with separate pieces of the skeleton displayed and eaten within each neighborhood. Each of the cake flavors are made with influences from prominent cultures that reside in the neighborhoods, instilling a sense of pride and representation.

In order to test different possibilities for Phil's structure, Rice Krispies were used to create different bones including the humerus and spine. The prototyping resulted in a structurally sound and edible experiment.

IMG_5056 (1).jpg
IMG_5048 (1).jpg
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