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Design a 500 square foot experience based on an assigned word that would be described through the senses. After a 3-week process of researching sounds, smells, feelings, and sights associated with the word, we created a model and walkthrough. The walkthrough was read to critics including professors and the dean of the university, who would try and guess the word. 

Examples of the sensory experiences I included to help critics guess the word were: the sounds of water droplets reverberating against the cave walls, water rippling across the cave floor, waves of bioluminescence, echoing screeches of bats from above, warmth drafting from the water below, the aurora borealis glowing in the night sky, light transmitting from dozens of fireflies, permeating earthy scents from a moss-covered floor, and dust-like spores rushing out from spore-shooting mushrooms.


Scroll to the bottom to see what word I described!

My word was "emit."

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